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Archives and Special Collections: Home

Information regarding the Archives and Special Collections department in the Mulva Library: learn what we have, how to search our materials and how to donate your own personal papers, digital or physical.

Are you interested in the history of St. Norbert College? Have you found a book in MulvaSearch that says its three hundred years old and you want to see it to practice your Latin? You're in luck! What you are looking for is probably in Archives and Special Collections. 

Our job is to gather, preserve and contextualize SNC's history as well as be a place for older, delicate texts who need climate control and careful handling. 

Questions about our Norbertine Collections?

Are you looking for books, collections or photographs having to do with Norbertine history? Here are some places to look:

  • Digital Commons digitized collections here and here
  • Our library catalog can help you search CNS's collections
  • Our special collections, connected and unconnected to Norbertine history, can also be found in the library catalog

If you have any questions about CNS collections, please reach out to the CNS director

What is in your archive? How can I search it?

Among our collections, you can find: 

  • yearbooks and college catalogs
  • blueprints and other planning documents
  • photographs and films depicting campus life over time
  • the SNC Times from its beginning in 1929 to present day
  • vintage SNC clothing from varsity sweaters to beer jackets to a military uniform
  • documentation from all over campus including committees, student groups, and faculty/staff
  • and much, much more

In addition, much of our photograph collection can be found digitally in Recollectin Wisconsin and DPLA! Check out our digitized photos here

Archives is in the process of transferring its data to a publicly available database. Please keep in mind this is ongoing and not all of our collections are yet represented. Search our holdings here: 

If you have any questions please write to with the subject line containing ATTN: ARCHIVES

How to donate

Interested in donating? 

Check out our collection development policy to find out what we're looking for:

Are you worried that what you have might paint SNC in a hard light? That is okay: we are dedicated to preserving ALL SNC history, read our hard histories policy here:

Please reach out to any member of the archives team if you have any questions.